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Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Summer Night

The weekend's almost here for me. Plan to spend several consecutive hours writing this weekend. For tonight, the second night of summer, the plan's to peruse the mall and see A Prairie Home Companion.

Who I'm listening to: John Prine, Morphine, Monk
Who I'm reading: Paul Mariani, Ted Kooser, Jameson, T.R. Hummer


A Summer Night

At the end of the street

a porch light is burning,
showing the way. How simple,
how perfect it seems: the darkness,
the white house like a passage
through summer and into
a snowfield. Night after night,
the lamp comes on at dusk,
the end of the street
stands open and white,
and an old woman sits there
tending the lonely gate.

Ted Kooser
from Flying at Night

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