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Saturday, April 28, 2007

15 Minute Challenge

Must have been my connection to the big mean internets 'cause all's well now.

I got an e-mail yesterday asking me to post more of my own work here. Well, right now I don't have anything post-worthy, but I thought I'd suggest this: a writing exercise challenge.

I don't mean "challenge" in the competitive sense, but more of a provocation or dare. From Sunday April 29 to Sunday May 6 I will post my 15 minute exercise every day and if you want to participate, you can post yours in the comments in a non-judgemental space. If you don't want others to comment on your writing, say so. I'll/We'll honor that.

It's not about quality, it's about sitting down and writing every day. Some people like to do stream of consciousness & others like to work on drafts & others write letters. The point is to just WRITE. To dedicate 15 minutes of your day to working on the poems (or fiction, or play, or whatever genre-bending you're in to).

So, here goes. This is my 15 minute exercise from today:
It's not hard to imagine annihilation here as a middle class failure to invent anything something as blindly desperate in blind desperation as something that might correspond to the end of labor. The ignition perhaps of an oily dust some boy sprinkles around the outside of a newly framed model home at the edge of town at night as the city rumbles on in its ever self-clarifying dignity & gentrification, the horizon it has remade in its own inverse image an absolute cut away from the landscape's unlit consciousness.

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