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Monday, February 23, 2009

"Josh sings the body hymnal"

Here's a picture taken by my friend Molly Rose during my University of Louisville reading. Her photo caption: "Josh sings the body hymnal."

Had a great time at the conference. Met some interesting folks, heard some good work, got to see old friends from Kansas and West Virginia.

Here's the setlist from my recent reading:

"All Creatures Here Below"
"Field Guide to the Second Coming"
"The Big Bopper's Soul Petitions Entry"
"Against Forgiveness"
"Dithyramb with Streetlight"
"Lightning Over Walgreens"
"Watching President Reagan's Funeral, I Think of My Father in the Hospital Waiting Room on the Day I was Born"
"Carry Me Home"
"Sparrows Sold for a Copper Coin & Not One Falls to the Ground"

I'd thought about also reading three very new poems ("The Bar Clock's Hymn," "Hymn of the Mattress Coil," and "What I Mean When I Say Hymn") but they aren't ready. I mean, just look at the titles.

Here's to having them in better shape for another reading I'm giving in March sometime here in Knoxville. More info on that to come.


Also, had recent acceptances from Mid-American Review and New South, both journals I've coveted appearing in for quite some time. I also won something recently, though I'm not sure if I can say what quite yet. Details forthcoming.


Finally, congrats to my good friend Jeffrey Schultz who just won a major award. Details on that forthcoming.

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